Monday, 30 August 2010

The World Jumper

Did this early on yesterday. Really happy with it, it's the first draft with colour. I might apply more layers of detail and colours, but I'm liking the simpleness and the quirky energy in the image.

It's inspired by the Studio Ghibli animations, I wanted to capture their comic style and dreaminess. I've been thinking about adapting it into an illustrated book called 'The World Jumper'.

Above the character there's a small floating civilisation (he appears to have just crashed through), if you look closely you can see tiny trees, mountains and buildings etc. I kept the lines quite simple and 'comicy', so hopefully this translates well.

I didn't feel well last night and out of the blue started being sick. Went to bed early around 9pm, so further creativity was hindered. Today I woke up at 6am! Feeling better now, enjoying an early Verhoevenathon (Starship Troopers, Total Recall and Robocop marathon). Might get some more drawing done later.


  1. Really like this Phil! Cool style. I think your ideas translate well. I didn't need the explanation to see everything, but I've got a good eye for good art ;) Keep em coming!

    Robocop is made of epic and win.

  2. Cheers! Who is this? hah

    I'm glad you can see everything, I was concerned it was too stylised and it just looked like a load of indescribable junk above his head ha. And Robocop is indeed epic win.