Saturday, 12 March 2011

Skulls, Crows and Geisha (New Work)

Lydia's growing up fast, she's been walking for a few weeks now and she's into everything. She's like an Ewok (cute) crossed with the T1000 (relentless). Looking after her makes being creative difficult, but I try to get something done with any spare time I get.

I have some new work to show. Gone back to doing darker artwork;

I wanted to keep the colour scheme quite simple on this, I might add more texture to it. I did an alternative colour palette;

Think I prefer the red version, but I like this too.

For anyone interested, here's the clean lines before any colour edits;

I kept this next piece fairly simple for printing purposes.

The colours are a bit flat, but if I decide to have it put onto fabric limited colours are always best. I did loads of variations on this image, different colour schemes, versions with more layers, details and textures. But I kept coming back to this one.

Here's the clean lines;

If anyone wants big versions of my drawings to colour just send me a message about it.

The recent news about the Japanese earthquakes got me thinking about my time there and the beautiful Japanese culture, my thoughts are with the people who have been affected by the destruction and lost loved ones. Here's some Japanese inspired art;

and as usual, an alternative colour edit;

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