Wednesday, 26 May 2010

'Sailing' reboot and new blog header

Added more to a print I posted a few weeks ago. It started out as a totally new piece, but was missing something. I was ready to abandon the idea and start something fresh, but decided to combine it with another image and I think they work nicely together. A sailboat on a sea of leaves, and some folk chilling on clouds made of flowers. This image is now A2 in size.

[Click on the pics for a better view]

[closer detail]

I took part of the image and made it into a gif for my new header you see above.


  1. Nice!
    I think it could do with the white space filling up, maybe more droplets. Only personal preference.
    Think it looks really good!

  2. It's still not finished, I've got more to add. But I kinda like it simple.